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Gary J. Coppola CAS | Re-recording Mixer and Business Owner

Gary J. Coppola was born in Greenwich, CT, and passed away surrounded by those who he loved and loved him on Aug. 30, 2023, at 72 years young. As a preteen, Gary taught himself to play the guitar and, in high school, he and a few friends started a band called The Tym-Panics. After going to college in Cleveland, OH (where he was in another band), he road tripped to Los Angeles to pursue a career as consummate musician and music recording engineer. After a while in the music industry, a friend of his, Larry Gitlin, asked if he knew how to use some recording equipment, which Gary said “Yes” – but in truth, he faked it ‘til he made it!

Gary transitioned to sound in the film industry in his early 30s. He found his passion in the work and eventually made his way to being a sound engineer. Gary’s work on 61 and The ‘60s garnered him both Emmy and CAS Award nominations. He also earned three Golden Reel Awards and an additional two nominations. In 1987, he became business partners with Bob Manahan, and they started Sound Satisfaction, Inc. Gary became the sole owner in the late ‘90s and kept the company going. He still worked with music, either playing in his band, The Time Machine, or subbing for other bands. The last few years, he had started “Wild Night: A Van Morrison Tribute Band,” where people complimented him for his similar looks and voice to Van Morrison.

Among the music and his ever-changing life, Gary stepped in as the father to three children in the late ‘90s. Despite having never fathered children of his own blood, he loved his three children as much as his music – that is to say, fervently and unapologetically. He is survived by his niece Shania Infante, sister Susie Coppola, and his three children, Albert Feinbach, Shari Feinbach, and Jay Coppola (who has the great honor of continuing their dad’s legacy and company). The CAS extends our condolences to Gary’s family and friends.

Last modified: November 13, 2023

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