This past meeting (03/15/2020) our Board of Directors made a By-laws change that is designed to expedite full membership benefits for those who have applied and received board approval for membership.
Previously our policy per our downloadable by-laws stated that new members were required to be published for 30 days in the CAS Quarterly without objection in order to receive full membership status.
See Article 2 Section 3. Admission to membership:
D. Upon recommendation of the applicant by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors, the applicant will be required to make a payment in an amount equal to the initiation fee, current dues and assessments. The applicant’s name shall be published in the CAS Quarterly. If thirty (30) days after publication no written objections have been received, the applicant shall be accepted to membership.
The unintended consequence of this policy was an occasional lengthy unnecessary wait for the names to be printed based on the publication cycle of the CAS Quarterly and delay of membership benefits.
Potential New Members who have completed previous steps of the application process as outlined in the by-laws (View CAS By-laws Here) will be able to satisfy the 30 days publication requirement by being listed in the new member section of our website after the meetings following their acceptance from the board of directors.
Please be aware that any written objections to a potential new members can still be received by the office at [email protected] and that potential members will still not be considered full members until 30 days after their names have been listed here without objection. Finally, new members will still receive publication of their names in the CAS Quarterly upon the next closest publication date to their acceptance by the board.
This change will be officially documented in a subsequent by-laws revision.

The CAS Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following as NEW MEMBERS of the Cinema Audio Society pending the completion of the 30 day publication without objection

Active Members
Daniel Blanck
Christian Bourne
Daniel Brooks
John St. Denis
Jamie Gambell
Greg Gettens
Paddy Hanlon
Mark Kondracki
Ignacio Martinez Jr.
Thomas Meyers
Shinnosuke Miyazawa
Vincent Piponnier
Paul Pouthier
Michael Rayle
Patrick Sexton
Patrick Spain
David J. Turner
Michael Wynne
Guang Zhou
Associate Members
Steve Blazewick
Charles de Montebello
Terence McCormack Maitland
William Munroe
Derek Sepe
Student Members
Nicholas Fluhr

Please address any queries or concerns to [email protected]

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