The CAS Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following as NEW MEMBERS of the Cinema Audio Society pending no objection after 30 days of the publication of your name below. Board Approval Date: 06/23/2022

Active Members
Andrejs Prokopenko
Brian Magrum
Caleb Mose
Chris Carpenter
David Lascelles
David Winston
Donald White
Jamison Rabbe
Jorge Adrados
Kelsey Wood
Kyle O’Neal
L. Wyatt Tuzo
Mathew Duncan
Nick Offord
Richard Bullock
Ryan Collins
Torrel Alexis
Associate Members
John Boyd
Josselin Panchout
Karthik Mohan Vijaymohan
Manav Shrotriya
Penny Harold
Academic Members
Christian Blair
Oddbjorn Litlabo

Please address any queries or concerns to

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