The Cinema Audio Society was founded by a group of sound mixers who believed that as a creative community they needed to not only acknowledge the work they did but also educate others in the role of sound in film and television. With such a rich and diverse history, we hope to archive that history by creating featured recordings with our membership. We will look at the stellar sound contributions to the many outstanding films and television projects that have been seen, and more importantly, heard around the globe.


  • In Conversation Ep. 13 Download Here In Conversation, Ep.13 | Episode 13 brings in current Cinema Audio Society President, Peter Kurland CAS, to discuss his career as both Boom Operator and Production Sound Mixer; his experience with musicals; his many Academy Award, CAS and BAFTA nominations; as well as his view on the Cinema Audio Society. Interviewed by Joshua Anderson CAS, this episode was recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville. Total Running Time: 01:19
  • In Conversation Ep. 12 Download Here In Conversation, Ep.12 | Ron Bartlett CAS & Eric Potter with Karol Urban CAS. Episode 12 explores the work of multi-Oscar, BAFTA, and CAS winning Re-recording Mixer, Ron Bartlett CAS and Golden Reel Winning, Sound Effect Field Recording Mixer, Eric Potter.  Coming up together in the industry, these two passionate artists have shared adventures in the trenches of sound for picture spanning well over 30 years.  They even played in a band together. From films such as Basic Instinct to last year’s highly celebrated Dune, they teach us the creative value and joy of collaboratively exploring challenges within a team. This episode was moderated by Karol Urban CAS MPSE and recorded at Formosa at Paramount with Jesse Dodd CAS with sound editorial by Steve Urban MPSE. Total Running Time: 01:35
  • In Conversation Ep. 11 Download Here In Conversation, Episode 11: Production Sound Mixer Paddy Hanlon CAS takes in the career of Production Sound Mixer Mark Weingarten. An Oscar win this year along with a CAS award Mark talks of his long path in the industry starting in New York and leading him to be one of the most celebrated Production Sound Mixers in Hollywood. Maverick, Interstellar and Dunkirk to mention some of the blockbusters but also classic cult pieces like Best in Show and Red Rock West. Recorded locally in New York and LA. Total Running Time: 01:39
  • In Conversation Ep. 10 Download Here In Conversation, Episode 10 delves into the work of Production Sound Mixer, Jeff Wexler CAS. With a career that spans over 70 films in five decades, innovations in digital recording and the cultivation of a worldwide sound community through his online forum, the contributions to cinema sound made by Jeff Wexler cannot be overstated. But it was his working relationships with directors Hal Ashby and Cameron Crowe and with his long time boom operator, Don Coufal, that may have had the biggest impact on him. This episode was moderated and recorded by Joshua Anderson, CAS in Los Angeles with the assistance of Gregg Harris. Total Running Time: 01:40
  • In Conversation Ep. 9 Download Here In Conversation, Episode 9 – Production Sound Mixer Paddy Hanlon CAS talks to long-time Sound Mixer/ Boom Operator and Educator Mr. Noel Quinn. With over his 50-plus years in the Film industry, we hear from Noel about his path and explore his legendary status as Boom Operator, bringing us stories from the set that examine how time has changed and not changed this crucial position within the Production Sound team. Emmy Nominated for his recording work on the “Hijacking of the Achille Lauro,” Noel is a well-known educator and mentor in sound. Noel felt at home in the Boom Operator position working on titles such as Robert Altman’s “Images,” Zardoz, Michael Collins, Reign Of Fire, and Veronica Guerin. This podcast was recorded locally in Ireland and New York. Total Running Time: 01:34
  • In Conversation Ep. 8 Download Here In Conversation, Episode 8 explores the career and life of legendary multi-Oscar, BAFTA, Emmy, and CAS-awarded re-recording mixer and former CAS president Michael Minkler. Moderated by Karol Urban MPSE CAS, the episode explores Michael’s 50+ year adventure on the dub stage and his unique perspective as a 3rd generation sound artist with a family history going back to the Vitaphone. Michael recalls his experiences working on such celebrated soundtracks as Black Hawk Down and Chicago, for which he won Oscars, as well as other such as exalted titles, such as Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope and Tron. We garner incredible insight as he explains his approach to understanding his directors, his secret to long-lasting collaborative relationships, his boundless curiosity for technical innovation, and his steadfast commitment to serving the story. Total Running Time: 01:17
  • In Conversation Ep. 7 Download Here In Conversation, Episode 7 continues with Emmy Winning Production Mixer Larry Hoff CAS joining Moderator Josh Anderson CAS.
    For over 40 years Larry has worked in production sound on documentaries, commercials, reality TV, features and television. Since 2002 Larrys focus has been narrative television in New York including titles such as LAW AND ORDER, BULL and THE NIGHT OF which won him the 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Limited Series or Movie.
    This was recorded in by Josh Anderson in 2022, our thanks to Larry for taking the time to talk. Total Run Time: 01:28


  • In Conversation Ep. 6 Download Here In Conversation, Episode 6 continues with Production Mixer Charlie Wilborn CAS who was the 2003 recipient of the CAS Career Achievement Award. In this episode he is joined by his daughter Anna Wilborn, and Moderator Peter Devlin CAS. From John Ford and Sam Peckinpah to Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorcese, Charlie’s collaboration with directors and actors over his 4 decades in sound has resulted in films that are remembered and celebrated by cinephiles the world over.
    Following her father’s lead into a career in Production Sound Mixing, Anna shares her perspective, recounting early childhood visits with her father to the set of a Sylvester Stallone movie, and sitting in dailies on Peter Weir’s “Dead Poet Society.” Total Run Time: 01:22


  • In Conversation Ep. 5 Download Here In Conversation, Episode 5 moderated by Stephen A. Tibbo CAS continues with longtime CAS member Peter Reale CAS. Peter has worked on many of the iconic TV shows over the past 40 years. He is a CAS award winner, former Emmy nominee and is best known as Dick Wolf’s mixer. The interview was recorded in Los Angeles at Tibbo Sound in July 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic. Total Run Time: 01:31:59


  • In Conversation Ep. 4 Download Here In Conversation, episode 4 continues with retired Production Mixer Tommy Causey CAS. Tommy’s career started in Louisiana, but it was his journey to Hollywood and his work with director John Carpenter on the film “Halloween” that would forge a relationship of almost 20 years. What is fascinating about our “In Conversation” series is that “happenchance” plays a major part in the careers of many  CAS members. This interview was recorded remotely due to the COVID  19 pandemic in May of 2020, our thanks to Phil Palmer CAS  and Chris Hall of Iceman Audio for their work on the podcast. Total Run Time: 01:39:10


  • In Conversation Ep. 3 Download Here In Conversation, Episode 3 moderated by Stephen A. Tibbo CAS continues with longtime CAS member and Career Achievement Recipient, Tom Fleischman CAS. Tom has collaborated with many legendary directors such as Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Spike Lee, and others. In his almost 40 years as a dubbing mixer, he has produced some of the most memorable soundtracks in cinema history. The interview was recorded in Los Angeles at Tibbo Sound on January 25th, the morning before Tom received the Career Achievement Award from the Cinema Audio Society. Our thanks to Justin W. Walker, Peter Devlin and Tibbo Sound for their work on the Podcast. Total Run Time: 01:32:26


  • In Conversation Ep. 2 Download Part 1 Here  Download Part 2 Here  Download Part 3 Here In Conversation, Episode 2 continues wth Peter Devlin as Moderator with CAS members and Production Mixers Simon Hayes and Chris Munro. Chris and Simon both have been honored with multiple nominations by the Motion Picture Academy, BAFTA, AMPS, and the Cinema Audio Society. The Interview was recorded in London at Warner Brothers De lane Lea in November of 2018. Our Thanks to Teri Dorman, Bob Bronow and Icemen Audio for their work on the Podcast. This podcast episode is in 3 parts.
     Total Run Time: 2:08:03


  • In Conversation Ep. 1 Download Here We begin the series In Conversation with moderator Peter Devlin exploring the work of his fellow Production Sound Mixers William Kaplan and David Macmillian. Total Run Time: 1:22:24


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