60th CAS Awards Winners






Production Mixer – Willie D. Burton CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Gary A. Rizzo CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Kevin O’Connell CAS
Scoring Mixer – Chris Fogel CAS
Foley Mixer – Tavish Grade
Foley Mixer – Jack Cucci
Foley Mixer – Mikel Parraga-Wills


Production Mixer – Nina Rice
Re-Recording Mixer – Kevin O’Connell CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Ai-Ling Lee CAS
Scoring Mixer – Peter Cobbin CAS
Scoring Mixer – Kirsty Whalley CAS
ADR Mixer – Bobby Johanson CAS
Foley Mixer – Kevin Schultz


Production Mixer – Lee Orloff CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Andy Nelson CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Tony Lamberti
Re-Recording Mixer – Luke Schwarzweller
Scoring Mixer – Andrew Dudman
ADR Mixer – Matthew Wood
Foley Mixer – Giorgi Lekishvili

Killers of the Flower Moon

Production Mixer – Mark Ulano CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Fleischman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Eugene Gearty
ADR Mixer – Mark DeSimone CAS
Foley Mixer – George A. Lara CAS


Production Mixer – Steven A. Morrow CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Ozanich
Re-Recording Mixer – Dean Zupancic
Scoring Mixer – Nick Baxter
ADR Mixer – Bobby Johanson CAS
Foley Mixer – Walter Spencer



Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Original Dialogue Mixer – Brian Smith
Original Dialogue Mixer – Aaron Hasson
Original Dialogue Mixer – Howard London CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Michael Semanick CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Juan Peralta
Scoring Mixer – Sam Okell
Foley Mixer – Randy K. Singer CAS


Original Dialogue Mixer – Vince Caro CAS
Original Dialogue Mixer – Paul McGrath CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Stephen Urata
Re-Recording Mixer – Ren Klyce
Scoring Mixer – Shinnosuke Miyazawa
Orchestra Recorded By – Tommy Vicari CAS
Foley Mixer – Scott Curtis

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Original Dialogue Mixer – Doc Kane CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Michael Semanick CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Mark Mangini
Scoring Mixer – Trent Reznor
Scoring Mixer – Atticus Ross
ADR Mixer – Chris Cirino
Foley Mixer – Chelsea Body

The Boy and the Heron

Original Dialogue & Re-Recording Mixer – Koji Kasamatsu

The Super Mario Brothers Movie

Original Dialogue Mixer – Carlos Sotolongo CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Pete Horner
Re-Recording Mixer – Juan Peralta
Scoring Mixer – Greg Hayes
ADR Mixer – Doc Kane CAS
Foley Mixer – Richard Duarte



32 Sounds

Production Mixer – Laura Cunningham
Re-Recording Mixer – Mark Mangini
Scoring Mixer – Ben Greenberg
ADR Mixer – Bobby Johanson CAS
Foley Mixer – Blake Collins CAS

American Symphony

Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Paul
Re-Recording Mixer – Tristan Baylis
Foley Mixer – Ryan Collison

Little Richard: I Am Everything

Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Paul

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

Re-Recording Mixer – Skip Lievsay CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Paul Urmson
Re-Recording Mixer – Joel Dougherty
Scoring Mixer – John Michael Caldwell
Foley Mixer – Micah Blaichman

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

Production Mixer – Jacob Farron Smith CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – John Ross CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – David Payne
Re-Recording Mixer – Christopher Rowe



Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Production Mixer – Richard Bullock CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Tony Solis
Scoring Mixer – Phil McGowan CAS
ADR Mixer – Brian Magrum CAS
Foley Mixer – Erika Koski CAS

All the Light We Cannot See: Ep.4

Production Mixer – Balázs Varga
Re-Recording Mixer – Mark Paterson
Re-Recording Mixer – Craig Henighan CAS
Scoring Mixer – Nick Wollage
ADR Mixer – Bobby Johanson CAS
Foley Mixer – Peter Persaud CAS

Beef: Ep.9 The Great Fabricator

Production Mixer – Sean O’Malley CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Penny Harold CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Andrew Garrett Lange CAS
Foley Mixer – Andrey Starikovskiy

Black Mirror: S6, Ep3. Beyond The Sea

Production Mixer – Richard Miller
Re-Recording Mixer – James Ridgway
Scoring Mixer – Daniel Kresco
ADR Mixer – James Hyde
Foley Mixer – Adam Mendez CAS

Daisy Jones & The Six: Ep. 10 Track 10: Rock n’ Roll Suicide

Production Mixer – Chris Welcker CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Lindsey Alvarez CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Mathew Waters CAS
Scoring Mixer – Mike Poole
ADR Mixer – Chris Navarro CAS
Foley Mixer – James B. Howe



The Last Of Us: S01 E01 When You’re Lost In The Darkness

Production Mixer – Michael Playfair CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Marc Fishman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Kevin Roache CAS
Foley Mixer – Randy Wilson CAS

Succession: S04 E03 Connor’s Wedding

Production Mixer – Ken Ishii CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Andy Kris
Re-Recording Mixer – Nicholas Renbeck
Scoring Mixer – Tommy Vicari CAS
ADR Mixer – Mark DeSimone CAS
Foley Mixer – Micah Blaichman

Ted Lasso: S03 E12 So Long, Farewell

Production Mixer – David Lascelles CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Ryan Kennedy
Re-Recording Mixer – Sean Byrne CAS
Foley Mixer – Jordan McClain

The Crown: S05 E08 Gunpowder

Production Mixer – Chris Ashworth
Re-Recording Mixer – Stuart Hilliker CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Lee Walpole
Re-Recording Mixer – Martin Jensen
ADR Mixer – Benjamin Tisdall
Foley Mixer – Anna Wright

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: S05 E06 The Testi-Roastial

Production Mixer – Mathew Price CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Ron Bochar CAS
Scoring Mixer – Stewart Lerman
Foley Mixer – George A. Lara CAS



The Bear: S02 E07 Forks

Production Mixer – Scott D. Smith CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Steve “Major” Giammaria CAS
ADR Mixer – Patrick Christensen
Foley Mixer – Ryan Collison
Foley Mixer – Connor Nagy

Barry: S04 E08 Wow

Production Mixer – Scott Harber CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Elmo Ponsdomenech CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Teddy Salas
Scoring Mixer – David Wingo
ADR Mixer – Aaron Hasson
Foley Mixer – Darrin Mann

Only Murders in the Building: S03 E08 Sitzprobe

Production Mixer – Joseph White Jr. CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Mathew Waters CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Lindsey Alvarez CAS
Song Mixer – Derik Lee
Scoring Mixer – Alan DeMoss
ProTools Playback Mixer – Derek Pacuk
Foley Mixer – Erika Koski CAS

The Mandalorian: S03 E08 The Return

Production Mixer – Shawn Holden CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Scott R. Lewis CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Tony Villaflor
Scoring Mixer – Chris Fogel CAS
ADR Mixer – Aaron Hasson
Foley Mixer – Scott Curtis

What We Do in the Shadows: S05 E05 Local News

Production Mixer – Rob Beal CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Samuel Ejnes CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Diego Gat CAS
ADR Mixer – Caitlin McDaid
Foley Mixer – Stacey Michaels CAS



100 Foot Wave: S02 E05 Lost at Sea

Re-Recording Mixer – Keith Hodne

Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming With Dave Letterman

Production Mixer – Karl Merren
Re-Recording Mixer – Brian Riordan CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Phil DeTolve CAS
Scoring Mixer – Jacknife Lee
Scoring Mixer – Alastair McMillan

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: S05 E09 Over The Limit

Production Mixer – Doug Dredger
Re-Recording Mixer – Steve Speed CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Nick Fry CAS

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: S08 E31 John Oliver; Broadway Cast of “The Lion King”

Production Mixer – Pierre de Laforcade
FoH Mixer -Tom Herrmann
Monitor Mixer – Alan Bonomo
Music Mixer – Harvey Goldberg

Welcome to Wrexham: S02 E06 Ballers

Re-Recording Mixer – Mark Jensen CAS


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