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Fall 2023



Inside This Issue


Konos 80 Element Microphone | page 10
There’s a new microphone built on digital signal processing technology that you may want to check out.
by G. John Garrett CAS

AI: Should We Be Professionally Afraid? | page 12
A discussion on artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to affect our positions as audio creatives.
by Kurt Kassulke CAS

Restoration of Star Trek: The Motion Picture | page 18
Trace the journey from the film’s original 1979 release to the most complete version, 2022’s The Director’s Edition.
by David Bondelevitch CAS MPSE

Netflix’s Spatial Audio: What Is It and How Does It Work? | page 32
The promise is an enhanced 3D-immersive listening experience that requires no specific codec or special playback equipment.
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

My Favorite Sound Tool: Earwigs | page 36
Earwigs can be an integral part of a production sound mixer’s kit; Steven A. Morrow CAS knows this firsthand.
by Steven A. Morrow CAS

Production Sound for All Quiet on the Western Front | page 44
Viktor Prášil CAS AMPS shares his sonic battle stories working on this award-winning World War I film.
by Viktor Prášil CAS AMPS


The President’s Letter | page 2
by Peter F. Kurland CAS

From the Editor | page 4
by Matt Foglia CAS

Collaborators | page 6
Learn about the authors of your stories

Announcements | page 8

Been There Done That | page 53
CAS members check in

The Lighter Side | page 56
See what your colleagues are up to


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