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Spring 2023



Inside This Issue


CAS Events Wrap-Up | page 10
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

CAS Award Nominations | page 12

Student Recognition Award Nominees | page 16

Career Achievement Recipient: Peter J. Devlin CAS | page 18
The five-time Oscar-nominated production sound mixer shares his journey from a youngster in Belfast to film’s largest sets—and the decisions, happenstance, and support that helped him get there.
by Phillip W. Palmer CAS

A Peek Inside Score Mixing West Side Story (2021) | page 30
Picking scoring mixer Shawn Murphy’s brain on his work recording and mixing the remake of the classic musical.
by David Bondelevitch CAS MPSE

Signs of Life at Griffith Observatory: Mixing in 28.1 | page 38
Michael Phillips Keeley CAS tells of his adventures mixing for an out-of- this-world presentation.
by Frank Morrone CAS

Prep as Part of Production | page 46
Not all production sound mixers are able to prep for location the same. Four pros share their experiences dealing with the varying levels of time afforded for prep.
by G. John Garrett CAS

Workflow: Mic to Mix | page 51
by CAS Associate Sam Casas

Parade of Carts and Bags | page 54
by Stephen Tibbo CAS

Our Partners in Sound Crime | page 58
by CAS Associate Sam Casas


The President’s Letter | page 2
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

From the Editor | page 4
by Matt Foglia CAS

Collaborators | page 6
Learn about the authors of your stories

Announcements | page 8

In Remembrance | page 62
CAS members check in

Been There Done That | page 63
CAS members check in

The Lighter Side | page 64
See what your colleagues are up to


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