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The Sounding Board v3.0

On October 21st 2023 from 10 am-4 pm at EVS Studios in Glendale, Cinema Audio Society and Motion Picture Sound Editors hosted The Sounding Board v3.0. The co-produced event aimed to unite soundies from multiple disciplines and create a forum for information exchange and networking. The event was a very successful and well-attended. Thank you to all the volunteers from MPSE and CAS and their respective offices who made this incredible day possible.
In addition to a networking lunch and raffle, the day featured three main events: Mixers! Mixers!Mixers!, Parade of Carts and Bags, and Creature Feature.

In-depth coverage will be available in the next CAS Quarterly and recordings of the sessions will be available here shortly.

Opening Comments

Sara Glaser CAS – CAS Events Committee Co-Chair
Mark Lanza MPSE – MPSE President

Mixers! Mixers! Mixers!

Take a deep dive into the magic of mixing. Be it Foley, scoring, ADR, or group, mixers capture and create materials that can help define the soundscape of every project.

Panelists —

David Boucher CAS – Scoring Mixer
Gary Deleone CAS – Foley Mixer
Jesse Dodd CAS – ADR Mixer
Mitchell Kohen – Foley Artist

Moderator: Timothy Muirhead – Host of Tonebenders Podcast

Parade of Carts and Bags

CAS production sound mixers and MPSE sound effects field recordists share stories of their most challenging exploits while providing tours of their equipment, and discuss techniques and tips for capturing some of the best sound in the business.

Panelists —

Michelle Guasto CAS – Production Sound Mixer
Charles Maynes – Sound Designer, Sound Recordist, Re-Recording Mixer & Composer
Ryan Pederson – Playback Operator and Production Sound Mixer
Eric Potter – Sound Effects Recordist
Greg Sextro CAS – Production Sound Mixer

Moderator: Timothy Muirhead – Host of Tonebenders Podcast

Creature Feature

From folklore to legend, fairytale to horror, come discuss techniques and creative processes with these sound designers, mixers and talent about how they realize the sounds of the creatures that reside in the recesses of their creator’s minds.

Panelists —

Steve Avila MPSE – Sound Designer & FX Editor
Steve Bissinger – Sound Designer & Editor
Austin Krier – Sound Effects Editor & Designer
Lex Lang – Voice Over Artist

Moderator: Timothy Muirhead – Host of Tonebenders Podcast



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