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The Cinema Audio Society is delighted to honor James Mangold.  His ability to create various quintessentially stylized worlds that appeal to a large mélange of audiences makes him an expert storyteller,” said CAS President Karol Urban. “He is a unique talent who has written, produced, and directed a large variety of genres and formats that have garnered him many awards including our own CAS Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for his film ‘Walk the Line’.”

James Mangold (Director, Producer) is an Oscar-nominated writer and director whose work defies easy categorization. Leapfrogging from Sundance indie to cop noir, psychological drama to romantic fantasy, pulp horror to musical biopic, traditional western to round the world caper, two films starring a beloved Marvel hero, and now, with his tenth feature, “Ford v Ferrari”, Mangold continues to expand his repertoire while keeping constant the humanist themes, intimate moving performances, striking imagery and staging that have come to define and unify his work. Award-winning films Mangold has written and directed include “Heavy,” “Cop Land,” “Girl Interrupted,” Walk the Line,” “3:10 to Yuma,” and “Logan”.

Mangold will be the 15th CAS Filmmaker Honoree.  Past honorees have been: Steven Spielberg, Joe Wright, Jon Favreau, Jay Roach, Richard Linklater, Edward Zwick, Jonathan Demme, Rob Marshall, Taylor Hackford, Henry Selick, Paul Mazursky, Bill Condon, Gil Cates, and Quentin Tarantino.

Also, being honored that evening with the CAS Career Achievement Award is previously announced honoree Re-recording Mixer, Tom Fleischman CAS.  

The CAS Awards will honor Outstanding Achievements in Sound Mixing in seven categories for film and television, as well as present the CAS Student Recognition Award.

Last modified: November 27, 2019

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