CAS SUMMER EVENT SERIES 2020: Evolution and Innovation powered by ZAXCOM


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Join a panel of Sound Mixers from across the Globe, as they look at how innovation with Zaxcom has expanded creativity “on set” and enables flexibility to address the changing climate.
Below you can watch a recording of the panel and see info about the panelists from the event. 
About the Speakers

Peter Devlin CAS

Peter Devlin CAS
Peter Devlin CAS has assembled an eclectic body of work as a Production Mixer. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Devlin came to the United States in 1987 after having worked for the audio department at BBC Northern Ireland.

He has worked with a varied group of filmmakers including Kenneth Branagh, Patty Jenkins, Oliver Stone and Michael Bay. His first hard disk recordings in 2000 on Zaxcom’s Deva 2, were Disney’s “The Kid” and “Pearl Harbor.” His most recent project was Netflix’s “Sweet Girl” on the Deva 24.

Peter has been on the board of the CAS since 2012 and is delighted to be moderating this Zaxcom event.

Michael P. Clark CASMichael P. Clark CAS
Michael P. Clark CAS started his love for sound while editing 1/4” tape in the radio studios of WBWC at his undergraduate alma mater Baldwin-Wallace College. His career as a sound mixer started in Atlanta, Georgia after graduating from Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.

With 20 years in the Production Sound Mixing field, Michael has been recognized with four nominations from the Cinema Audio Society for his mixing work on The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things, as well as an Emmy and AMPS nomination.

Along with starting his ninth season with The Walking Dead, his other credits include Hell Fest, Single Ladies, Halt and Catch Fire, Good Eats and more recently finishing an HBO Max pilot episode for the upcoming DMZ series.

Antoin Cox CASAntoin Cox CAS
Antoin Cox CAS is a Production Sound Mixer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands who works on features, HQ drama, and documentaries. From his graduation in 1999 (bachelor sound design) he works in the industry.

Antoin recorded on sets worldwide as a HOD with crews from many cultures and countries, from Africa to Eastern Europe to the USA and Asia, with local sound crew members or his own European sound crew.

He is a CAS member, Dutch Academy member, DPA Master, Zaxcom user and gives lectures. Teaches at the Dutch Film Academy and leads many interns and is the local/dutch Covid-19 sound protocol writer.

Gene MartinGene Martin
Gene Martin started mixing accidentally at the age of 18. After working as an assistant editor at Comedy Central for a year he realized being at a desk wasn’t his thing. When he asked for something else to do he was handed a bag of audio gear and hasn’t given it back since.

He began his career working on Dateline NBC and has mixed feature films including Act of Valor and Need for Speed but his primary mixing is on commercials because it leaves him time to run his beloved shop Audio Department in Burbank where he proudly serves the sound community with gear and his vast amount of knowledge.

Gene also owns Sound Guys Solutions, manufacturing accessories for production sound mixers.

Mathew Price CASMathew Price CAS
Mathew Price CAS has been a New York based Production Sound Mixer for over 30 years. He has received two Emmy Nominations and won a Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Award for his work on (Amazon) Prime Video’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, as well as the ground-breaking HBO series, “The Sopranos”.

He was also nominated for a CAS Award for Mike Tyson’s one-man show “Undisputed Truth”, directed by Spike Lee for HBO. In addition, he was nominated for six Emmy Awards for “The Sopranos”.

Mathew has been a Zaxcom user since 2001 when he brought the Deva II on to Jim Mangold’s “Kate & Leopold.”

Tony Johnson CASTony Johnson CAS
Tony Johnson CAS has been mixing production sound since the late eighties and has enjoyed workin on a variety of local New Zealand and international movies with the last 17 years dedicated to US studio movies and Television.

He worked with Nagra right through to digital multitrack and others in between and currently run a mix of Zaxcom, sonosax and other assorted gear.

Tony started his career as a Sound Editor and has always thought of that as an advantage when it comes to production sound.

Colleen GoodsirColleen Goodsir
Colleen is the director of sales & marketing at Zaxcom and has been with the company since 2002.

She enjoys being part of a team whose constantly evolving innovations strive to make a difference in the daily lives of the production sound team’s life on set.

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