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The fall 2022 edition of Cinema Audio Society’s CAS Quarterly features the cover story “Listening to Ukraine.” The article by Adam Howell profiles a nonprofit group currently delivering communication systems to crews and front-line workers in Ukraine. CAS is supporting these efforts. Read the article in the digital edition of CAS Quarterly, HERE.

In April, Deadline was among the news outlets that covered CAS’ donation and support for Safe&Sound. Now, Safe&Sound co-founder Xenia Vinogradova reports that every day, more equipment is making its way to the ears and hands of volunteers on the ground in Ukraine. The initiative has raised $112,000 so far.

Xenia Vinogradova with boxes of equipment purchased with Safe&Sound Ukraine fund-raising dollars. Photo courtesy of Safe&Sound Ukraine

Vinogradova said this week, “Our team is working on a volunteer basis. Every penny is used to buy encrypted communication gear for medics, volunteers, and rescuers on the front lines of Ukraine.”

So far, Safe&Sound Ukraine has purchased three batches of equipment, totaling in 237 full kits of robust digital walkie-talkies (Hytera models PD 685, PD785, PD985).

Vinogradova adds, “Donations from CAS and other members of the sound and filmmaking community are bringing a bit more safety and a sense of connection to Ukraine.”

Safe&Sound Ukraine is currently raising funds for Hospitallers Medical Battalion, a well-known Ukrainian battalion of paramedics.They need communication equipment for 50 ambulance drivers on the front lines, evacuating the wounded and administering first aid. Read about the campaign on Facebook:



Last modified: August 11, 2022

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