CAS + MPSE Student Finalists’ Speed Mentoring Event, Presented by EIPMA


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On February 25th, 2023, EIPMA (The Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentorship Alliance) presented an event benefiting this year’s finalists of the CAS Student Recognition Award and MPSE Verna Fields Award.  The KMD Pro Speed Mentoring™ event was moderated by Karen Dunn and offered student finalists an opportunity to interface one on one with various industry professionals.  The “rounds” were then broken up by open questions to the entire forum.

EIPMA president Bernard Weiser MPSE commented, “Finding a job in the entertainment world can be a bewildering task for anyone new to our industry. This was a fantastic way for the nominees to gain insight from industry professionals about what lies ahead as they start careers in entertainment. Veteran Sound Mentors answered questions and gave advice to support these incredibly talented filmmakers. Just as filmmaking itself is a collaborative effort, so is the support needed to guide these young filmmakers into our industry. They are the future of our industry, and their success is an accomplishment for us all.”


Student Recognition Award Finalists in attendance were:

Chelsea Rae Adams – Savannah College of Art and Design

Colette Grob – Chapman University, Dodge College

Marîa Clara Calle Jiménez – Universidad de San Buenaventura

Sophia White – Utah Valley University


Verna Fields Student Finalists in Attendance were:

Carlos Eligio San Juan Juanchi – National Film & Television School

Dan Hibbert – National Film & Television School

Guldem Masa – National Film & Television School

Sam Titshof –  Amsterdam University of the Arts

Manuel Simon – Savannah College of Art & Design

Oliver Mapp – National Film & Television School

Zoé Beekes – Amsterdam University of the Arts


Mentors included:

Baylon Fonseca MPSE

Bill Dannevick MPSE

Bob Bronow CAS

Chris Reeves MPSE

Christian Minkler CAS

Christina Horgan MPSE

Frank Morrone CAS

Geraldo Guitierrez MPSE

Harry Snodgrass MPSE

Karol Urban CAS MPSE

Mark Lanza MPSE

Scott A. Jennings MPSE

Sherry Klein CAS

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