CAS FORD v FERRARI screening and Panel on Mixing Car Chases


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CAS FORD v FERRARI screening and Panel on Mixing Car Chases
By Karol Urban CAS MPSE

On August 20th, CAS offered members and guests an opportunity to gather at the Dolby Vine Screening Room to enjoy a 4K Atmos screening of the Ford v Ferrari and a panel on Mixing Car Chases. Attendees were received with a reception of light fare.

After enjoying the film, a panel of experts on Mixing Car Chases, moderated by Stephen Tibbo CAS, discussed the technical and creative logistics of mixing an impactful and engaging high-energy car chase. Re-recording mixers Paul Massey CAS (2022 CAS Career Achievement Recipient) and David Giammarco CAS reflected on their dubbing techniques on Ford v Ferrari. They explained their approach to retaining audience engagement through more extended scenes and the importance of balancing frequencies to allow for moments within the chase. At the same time, Production mixer Peter J. Devlin CAS (2023 Career Achievement Recipient) reflected on the change in technology over his years recording car chases. He emphasized how technical creativity and flexibility are paramount to capturing dialogue successfully.

The Panel

David Giammarco CAS
Re-recording Mixer

Ford v Ferrari, The Last Duel, The Mortal Instruments


Paul Massey CAS
Re-recording Mixer & CAS Career Achievement Recipient 2022

Ford v Ferrari, No Time to Die, Logan, Free Guy


Peter J. Devlin CAS
Production Mixer

Transformers, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Bad Boys II


Stephen A. Tibbo CAS

Modern Family, Maggie, Reboot, The Hyperion’s

Event Gallery
Photo credit: Illuminated Lens

Last modified: October 27, 2022

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