WB Student Recognition Award Finalists Day 2023


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WB Student Recognition Award Finalists Day 2023

Friday, March 3rd, Student Recognition Award Finalists and guests, Student Recognition Award Chair Sherry Klein CAS, and CAS President Karol Urban met to explore the Warner Bros. Lot in Burbank, CA. 

The day began at the Studio Tours Building. Our finalists and their guests met with former two-time Student Recognition Award Finalist, CAS Associate, and Engineer at Warner Bros., Lauren Johnson, to guide us.  

Warner Brothers Post Production Creative Services generously hosted lunch at the lot commissary, where working CAS members and other members of the sound department visited with our finalists. 

Next, the students enjoyed a quick tour and demo of Dub 6 featuring a short clip of the CAS Award-nominated film Puss in Boots: The Last Wish led by Re-recording mixer Greg P. Russell CAS and mix technician Geraldo Gutierrez.  

Finally, the group returned to the Studio Tours building and enjoyed a walking tour of the backlot, a sound stage, and a visit to formal studio tour attractions.

Many thanks to Warner Bros., who generously made this day possible for our student finalists, and congratulations to Warner Bros. on 100 years of making movies!

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