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Joel Schumacher | Director

Director Joel Schumacher passed away in June after a battle with cancer. Starting in Hollywood as a costume designer in the early 1970s, Joel wrote the 1976 comedy Car Wash, wrote the screenplay for The Wiz, and would transition into directing. Movies such as Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Flatliners, 8MM, and The Client had Joel working with many A-List actors. His directing work on St. Elmo’s Fire, which he co-wrote with Carl Kurlander, featured a cast that would become known as “The Brat Pack.” Joel also directed for television, including episodes of House of Cards, and directed music videos for the likes of Seal and INXS. In a recent Hollywood Reporter interview, Joel’s former assistant, director Jerry Garelick, recalled, “As a director, one giant lesson that I’ve taken from Joel is that film is such a collaborative art, and everybody might have a great idea. You don’t want to discount anybody or disrespect anybody who could help you make your film better.” The CAS extends our condolences to Joel’s family, friends, and colleagues.

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Last modified: June 25, 2020

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