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Los Angeles— Cinema Audio Society President, David E. Fluhr, CAS, sent a letter to all members of the CAS yesterday announcing the organization’s support for the current efforts of ACE’s petition to secure recognition for excellence in film editing from film festivals and awards presentations that currently recognize cinematography and/or production design.

“Recognition for all the ‘below the line’ crafts involved in filmmaking is a constant uphill battle which we are all waging everyday,” said Fluhr. “By standing in solidarity with ACE and signing the petition, we are forging new ground and a spirit of cooperation among the guilds. The CAS Board of Directors believe this action moves us all a step closer to the recognition of the creative process of all the crafts and their contribution to the success of our industry”.

Full text of the letter is below:

Dear CAS Member,

I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer.

I am writing to let you know about a decision by your CAS Board of Directors to support our sister guild, the American Cinema Editors, ACE.
I was approached a couple of months ago by the ACE Board of Directors, seeking our support for an online petition.

During the past year, ACE has been actively pursuing film festivals and awards presentations, domestic and international, that do not currently recognize the category of Film Editing. MPEG has joined with ACE in an unprecedented alliance to reach out to industry people around the world.

The MPSE, among many others, has supported ACE already as well.

We have been asked to endorse this effort by asking our membership to sign an online petition. The groundswell of support evidenced by the signatures collected will be a strong signal to organizations in persuading them to add Film Editing to their Annual Awards Presentations. By shining a light on the importance of the creative contribution of one of the film crafts, our profile is raised at the same time, providing us with the powerful advantage of historical precedence as we continue down the path of increasing awareness of our contribution to the art of sound for picture.

When you sign, you are moving us ALL a step closer to the recognition of the creative process by those ‘below the line’.

We all have the same struggles, and indeed it is a mission of the CAS to acknowledge sound in all its forms, and to move us in that direction.

While this singular event does not specifically involve our craft, we do believe that it will be a good step toward our long term goals.

It is a constant uphill battle which we are all waging, every day. We need to STAND TOGETHER whenever we can raise the awareness of those forces that are set on diminishing the perception of our creative contributions to the success of our industry.

We will give ACE this support, and we are already in talks with them to work together, and they will stand by OUR side to protect all of our futures, and our dignity.

There is tangible evidence that there is an understanding to work together. You will see a co-seminar this year with ACE and the CAS, on a subject which could interest the entire community.

If you are interested, please go to

Thank you

All the best,
David E. Fluhr, CAS
President of the Cinema Audio Society
and your CAS Board of Directors

Last modified: June 29, 2016

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