CAS Quarterly – 2022 Winter

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Winter 2022



Inside This Issue


CAS Summer Events | page 19
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

Career Achievement: Paul Massey | page 30
Multiple CAS, Oscar®, and BAFTA winning sound mixer to be honored
by Dorothea Sargent

Filmmaker Award: Ridley Scott | page 34
Director-producer to be honored
by Dorothea Sargent

Of Sound Mind | page 39
The importance of our mental health cannot be understated
by Adam Howell CAS

How Has Your Mixing Evolved? | page 50
Reflecting on mixing changes through the eyes of sound veterans
by CAS Associate member Sam Casas

Score Mixing Demystified | page 58
An inside look at the process of composing, capturing, and mixing a score
by Patrick Spain CAS

What I learned From My Mentor | page 74
The kindness and guidance of mentors can make a lasting impression
by Daniel McCoy CAS

From Set to Silence | page 80
Different ways to stay refreshed and inspired in the workplace
by CAS Associate member Whitney Worthen


The President’s Letter | page 9
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

From the Editor | page 10
by Matt Foglia CAS

Collaborators | page 12
Learn about the authors of your stories

Announcements | page 15

Been There Done That | page 90
CAS members check in

The Lighter Side | page 94
See what your colleagues are up to


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