CAS Quarterly – 2020 Summer

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Summer 2020



Inside This Issue


Summer Event Series | page 20
iZotope audio repair & restoration

How Will COVID-19 Change the Way We Mix Production?| page 22
by Devendra Cleary CAS

Sound Carts for Musicals| page 28
Building the Ferrari of sound carts
by Tod Maitland CAS

Treadstone: Cinematic Mix with a TV Schedule (and Budget!)| page 34
Making broadcast TV sound like a movie
by Matt Vowles CAS, Lisle Engle CAS, and Mace Matiosian

Mixing Live Awards Shows| page 42
Unique challenges of the Oscars and Grammys
by Steve Venezia CAS

Production Dialogue for Animation| page 54
Exploring four different approaches
by Patrick Spain CAS

Kyma Sound Design| page 60
Insights from sound designer Sylvain Lasseur
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

Spatial Audio: Production & Post| page 64
Tools and techniques adapt to the times
by Ben Adams


The President’s Letter | page 5
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

From the Editor | page 6
by Matt Foglia CAS

Letter to the Editor| page 8
Overcome the obstacles!
by Tommy Vicari CAS

Collaborators | page 10
Learn about the authors of your stories

Meet the Associate | page 12
Jenny Elsinger
by G. John Garrett CAS

Announcements | pager 18

Been There Done That | page 72
CAS members check in

In Remembrance | pager 73

The Lighter Side | page 74
See what your colleagues are up to


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