CAS Quarterly – 2019 Summer

Summer 2019




Inside This Issue


Building a Dolby Atmos Certified Room| page 16
Exploring Theatrical & Home Entertainment certification requirements 
by Peter Kelsey CAS  

Looking Back at Veep | page 20
Seven seasons of sound summarized 
by Bill MacPherson CAS

AES Dublin and NAB| page 26
by David Bondelevitch CAS MPSE 

Genelec’s Aural ID| page 30
Applying your HRTF to headphones
by Matt Foglia CAS  

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | page 34
Audio production and post for an interactive narrative
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

Dialogue’s Chain of Custody | page 40
Dialogue’s path from set to the dub stage
by Patrick Spain


The President’s Letter | page 4
by Karol Urban CAS MPSE

From the Editor | page 6
by Matt Foglia CAS

Collaborators | page 8
Meet the people behind the words

Technically Speaking | page 12
Putting Zaxcom’s URX100 through the paces
by Devendra Cleary CAS

Been There Done That | page 48
Read what your colleagues are up to

Announcements | page 50 

The Lighter Side | page 51
See what your colleagues are up to


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