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President’s Message

A message from CAS President David Fluhr

Welcome to the new website of the Cinema Audio Society! This week marks a huge advancement for us in the CAS. One of the major goals of the CAS Board Of Directors has been to create value, and enhance every member’s experience within our organization. The website will now viewed as the HUB of the Cinema Audio Society. We have spent the last several months working and planning to revise and remodel our entire social media presence. This is the first step in that process. Please take some time to click around the site, some of which is still under construction. The concept for this site is to be our central data base for information, current events, membership, awards, The CAS Quarterly, corporate sponsor information, student information and activities, forums, podcasts, contacts, and exchanging professional techniques and knowledge.
If you click on and review our Position Statement, you will see that we are fulfilling our mandates which we have been building upon solidly for a few decades. I am very excited to be a part of this very active group. We are seeing positive changes rapidly and will continue to do so.
This website, along with a new Facebook Page, Twitter account, Linked-In page, YouTube channel and IMDB page will increase our global footprint. At the same time, it will enhance our membership’s access to knowledge, techniques, sister organizations and so much more.
These are very exciting times, and I look forward to your feedback as we grow our sites.
All the best,
David E. Fluhr CAS
President of the Cinema Audio Society